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Kawaii Russia from A to Z

  Miho Ioka Illustrations by Noritake In Japanese and Russian     A cornucopia of delight, from the whimsical to the elegant.   Russian design features a simple and unaffected aesthetic decidedly distinct from mainstream European tastes. Highlighting words beginning with the thirty letters of the Cyrillic alphabet, this book gives an overview of quirky, romantic, or retro items that weave a peculiar spell, from architecture (under A: архитектур


Unmeasurable Things / Le cose in-misurabil

  Ayumi Kudo In Japanese, Italian, and English     Words and pictures for getting back in touch with your heart: a hit in Italy, now widely available in book form for the first time.   The warmth of emotion, the closeness of a loved one, the weight of hopes and wishes: so many things in life cannot be gauged in numbers, though we can surely feel their power. Taking time out to try to measure those unmeasurable things means inching just a bit closer to their ess


Byobu Card Book
The Four Seasons in J

  PORIGAMI In Japanese and English     This book consists of 12 byobu cards to be displayed just like Japanese folding screens and 16 letter pads. Some elegant motives will pop up when you fold colorful cards along lines. You can enjoy each season by displaying a Byobu card as an interior decoration. Writing messages on the back of the cards for dear friends is also a wonderful idea to share the beauty of seasons. PORIGAMI is a paper design unit run by two women,


The Perfect Guide To Sumo

  Ito Katsuharu (the 34th Kimura Shonosuke) Translator by David Shapiro In Japanese and English Sumo, with over 1,500 years of history, is a religious rite, a part of traditional cultural with a rich esthetic and a truly exciting combative sport. In recent years, thanks to SNS and a variety of new magazines, a whole new category of female sumo fan known as the, “sujo” (literally the, “sumo girls”) has sprung up. Due to the quality of international broadcasts and the nu

Big Book 03 : Alice’s Adventures in

  Mao Fujimoto In Japanese and English What is the Big Book? All sorts of characters appear in a storybook. Now what if you could actually experience how huge or strange or jolly or even scary each is, just as if you were there? Wouldn’t that make the tale even more exciting? When you open the Big Book, the story literally unfolds at your feet. Gently step inside as if you were the hero. Stand up on the book. Sit in it. Sprawl over it. Immerse your whole self in the story

“Made in Japan” Design! An Analog Catalog

  The golden age of Japanese household appliances has never lost its luster. The 1970s in Japan was a period when the rivalry between appliance manufacturers resulted in the unprecedented availability of an astounding variety of new products. Featuring images of everything from audio equipment to televisions, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, telephones, digital clocks and game consoles, this catalog is a treasure-trove of visual information that recalls both the innumerable hous

Anatomy Lesson for Artist I



Shipwrecks and Ruins around the World

The mysterious fascination of things forgotten by history There is something alluringly beautiful about wrecked ships that have been left alone in the water on beaches or canals. Likewise, ruins that have been swallowed up by the merciless wave of history remind us of their glorious times of activity in the limelight. Along with a sense of melancholy, such ruins and shipwrecks exert a mysterious kind of fascination. Collected in this book are charming ruins and scrapped vessels fou

castles in the sky

Castles in the Sky Visionary Heritages above the Clouds At places around the globe, “castles in the sky” have been built as dream worlds high above the ground. Destinations for both pilgrims and warlords, such castles continue to observe the course of history in all their aloofness, massive enough to endure the harsh conditions of their lofty locations, yet at once wrapped in a romantic air of mystery and fleeting beauty. Veiled in the morning mist, the remains of Takeda Castle s


TOKYO fashon chronicle

Young people, walking through downtown areas of Harajuku and Shibuya, dressed however they want to dress. Street fashion is a style that expresses the "here, now" of cities where young people gather. In a time where an individual has a power to transmit information through social media, famous designers and brands have publicly expressed that they refer to street fashion as an idea source, making it difficult for us to ignore the power of street fashion. The essences of street fashion