Forest: Impressions and Memories, 1989–2

  Yoshihiko Ueda In Japanese     The culmination of a decades-long photographic exploration into forests and the wellsprings of life.   In 1989, photographer Yoshihiko Ueda had a fateful encounter with the Quinault Rain Forest, sacred to the Native Americans of the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Here in this 2017 collection, he revisits that land, followed by the millennia-old World Heritage cedar forests of the southern Japanese island of Yakushima and the hallowed

tokyo no ie

  Jérémie Souteyrat With an essay by Akiko Otake and an interview with Kengo Kuma Art direction by Kazuya Kondo In Japanese and English     A French photographer’s look at Tokyo houses, and the beauty that resides in them. More than three years in the making, Jérémie Souteyrat’s photo collection portrays fifty-three unique Tokyo homes (ie) designed by contemporary architects including Kengo Kuma, Shigeru Ban, Kazuyo Sejima, Ryue Nishizawa, Jun Aoki, and

Finding beauty in rustic cuisine

  Toshiro Ogata Photography by Gozen Koshida Foreword by Ryuichi Sakamoto In Japanese and English     The art and philosophy of chef Toshiro Ogata, revealed in his own words   At his restaurant tucked away in a picturesque alley in the heart of Kyoto, Toshiro Ogata captivates diners with one-of-a-kind cuisine born of a passionate and untiring inquiry into the essence of seasonal ingredients. In the seven chapters of this book—Water, Soil, Aroma, Heat, S


All about Saul Leiter

  Saul Leiter With contributions by Motoyuki Shibata and the Saul Leiter Foundation In Japanese and English   An only-from-Japan exploration of the photographer’s art and philosophy. Photography lovers the world over are now embracing Saul Leiter, who has enjoyed a remarkable revival since fading into relative obscurity in the 1980s. This collection takes a Japanese perspective into the secrets of his appeal, from his life philosophy and lyricism to masterful colo


ON THE WATER / Rai Shizuno



SKETCHES OF TOKYO [limited edition] / Meisa

  Four years in the making, a work of photography of 53 women. The location, a high-rise Tokyo hotel. Behind closed doors in a room high above the ground and overlooked by the heavens, the women come and go, leaving behind their nakedness. The distant view spreads outside the window as though reflecting the endless desires of Tokyo. Their quiet ambience brings forth moments of clarity, and abundant, indulgent emotion. (さらに…)


DESUYONE / Ikushun

  Ikushun — a photographer who inspires laughter and hope. His street photography of typical Japanese sights, and mundane repetitive everyday scenes is just outstanding. His photographs brim with absurdity and a love of humanity (and animals). Photographer Ikushun never has a single 'decisive moment', he draws out the process for pinning down those moments. His persistence and keen observing eyes are what sets him apart. His work invites casual laughter from viewers through the w


father / Shingo Kanagawa

  One day, photographer Shingo Kanagawa's father suddenly disappeared, abandoning his normal, everyday life. As if to have no regard for the concern he caused his family, Mr. Kanagawa would return home, and then repeatedly disappear again. Living apart from his family, he would end up quitting his job and eventually filed for bankruptcy, losing his connection to society. This book is the first photo collection by Shingo Kanagawa, depicting the deep recesses of the human soul, throu


BEASTS OF MINE / Yayoi Arimoto

  Yayoi Arimoto is a travel photographer. This book contains photographs from Kirghiz, Albania, Estonia, Myanmar, and Vietnam,among other countries, which he collected while touring around the world. It is a record of Arimoto's chance encounters with beauty. The volume also includes five essays by Arimoto that deal with magical experiences he had while traveling in unknown lands. (さらに…)



  Introducing a spectacular collaboration between Makoto Azuma and Pierre Herme, who has been dubbed the "Picasso of Pastry." Created through the deft combination of cream cheese, orange and passionfruit, Pierre Herme's signature flavor creation is known as "Satine." This book introduces approximately 50 Satine-based recipes. The gorgeous works of flower artist Makoto Azuma add color to Pierre Herme's confections for an absolutely mellifluous experience. (さらに…)