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  ALTERNATIVE SIGHTS a catalogue for the exhibition, “ALTERNATIVE SIGHTS - Landscapes by Minoru Nomata” The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma, 17 Jul. - 29 Aug. 2010 July 2010 published by Seigensha Art Publishing Inc. essays by Kazuko Koike, Terunobu Fujimori written by Katsutoshi Taniuchi, Akiko Sadamatsu (curator, The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma) NOMATA Minoru 1955 Born in Meguro Ward, Tokyo 1975 Entered the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tokyo University of the Arts to maj

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IKEDA Manabu | The Pen

  Ikeda Manabu (b. 1973, Saga prefecture) has received high acclaim both in Japan and internationally for his unique worldview that sees both the micro and the macro simultaneously and for his masterful technique. Drawing in infinitesimal detail using a 1mm pen and acrylic ink and without underdrawing, his output is limited to a single 10cm square each day. Ikeda began showing work at group exhibitions in Europe and North America. Following his participation in the exhibit


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      Pushing deeper into the unknown microcosm of botanical life, volume 3 in the series exposes more of the unparalleled beauty and overwhelming presence of blooming owers from around the world. Based on their fixed-point observations of the rapidly changing flower market, Makoto Azuma and Shunsuke Shiinoki have been scanning, visualizing and compiling expressions of the fleeting moment between the life and death of flowers – the ephemeral beauty



  Makoto Azuma and Shunsuke Shiinoki were born in Fukuoka. Together they opened the on-demand “haute couture” flower shop JARDINS des FLEURS in the Ginza district in 2002. The shop is currently located in Minami-Aoyama. Around 2005 they launched a second line of operations when Azuma invented the genre of the "botanical sculpture", and Shiinoki captured those creations in his photographs. Following a solo exhibition in New York, Azuma's experimental works have been repeatedl


Encyclopedia of Flowers

  The first collection of works by the internationally acclaimed flower artist and self-described ‘haute couture florist’, Makoto Azuma. Containing over 200 photographs of more than 1,600 plants, this is the standard edition of an encyclopedia of flowers for today. Featuring a detailed index with information on every plant shown in the book, along with both scientific and Japanese names.     (さらに…)