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  Atsushi Suwa Art direction & design by Hideki Nakajima In Japanese and English     (さらに…)



  Organizing Committee Yokohama Triennale In Japanese and English   This book is a catalog of  YOKOHAMA TRIENNALE 2017. (さらに…)

IKEDA Manabu
The Birth of Rebirth

  Ikeda Manabu In Japanese and English     From despair through rebirth to eternity: a personally guided journey through one artist’s vision.   Inspired by the March 2011 Tohoku earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster, Rebirth (2017) is a sweeping masterpiece, the largest by Ikeda Manabu to date—a three-by-four-meter canvas that does full justice to the artist’s paradoxical style of evoking majestic worlds through superfine detail. What appears to be


All about Saul Leiter

  Saul Leiter With contributions by Motoyuki Shibata and the Saul Leiter Foundation In Japanese and English     An only-from-Japan exploration of the photographer’s art and philosophy. Photography lovers the world over are now embracing Saul Leiter, who has enjoyed a remarkable revival since fading into relative obscurity in the 1980s. This collection takes a Japanese perspective into the secrets of his appeal, from his life philosophy and lyricism to masterfu

The Work of Walter Crane: Book Design and

  In Japanese and English     (さらに…)

IKEDA Manabu | The Pen

  Ikeda Manabu In Japanese and English     Artist Manabu Ikeda (1973- ) creates magnificent worlds with a super-fine pen point. Ikeda works slowly, completing only a fist-sized area in a day, and employs minute delineation and a flair for the  grand composition of creating the outstanding pictures of surreal alien world that have earned him acclaim around the world. All of Ikeda's works, including his most recent, are collected in this book.   (さら


  Flower Compositions by Makoto Azuma Photography by Shunsuke Shinoki In Japanese and English       Unparalleled beauty, larger than life.A profusion of the world's flowers,a microcosm of plants never seen before. Our desires and expectations revolutionize the fresh flower markets in the world. This long awaited third volume of Encyclopedia presents you the unknown world of the fresh flowers which have not been captured before. Makoto Azuma,



  Flower Compositions by Makoto Azuma Photography by Shunsuke Shinoki In Japanese and English       Makoto Azuma and Shunsuke Shiinoki were born in Fukuoka. Together they opened the on-demand “haute couture” flower shop JARDINS des FLEURS in the Ginza district in 2002. The shop is currently located in Minami-Aoyama. Around 2005 they launched a second line of operations when Azuma invented the genre of the "botanical sculpture", and Shiinoki captured those


Encyclopedia of Flowers

  Flower Compositions by Makoto Azuma Photography by Shunsuke Shinoki In Japanese and English       The first collection of works by the internationally acclaimed flower artist and self-described ‘haute couture florist’, Makoto Azuma. Containing over 200 photographs of more than 1,600 plants, this is the standard edition of an encyclopedia of flowers for today. Featuring a detailed index with information on every plant shown in the book, along with both sci