Contemporary Art


Groove & Swing

  Kouichiro Tokumochi In Japanese     Steel-wire gures that groove and swing to the rhythms of jazz.   Kouichiro Tokumochi’ s steel-wire sculptures resonate with the vibe of jazz, no doubt thanks to his style of starting by sketching live performances. Look back in this book on the three decades of his career, including his copperplate etchings of jazz legends Miles Davis and Bill Evans.     (さらに…)


Rowing Style

  Aiko Miyanaga In Japanese,English     Visions of ourselves amid a uctuating and ever-changing world.   Miyanaga Aiko transforms materials including naphthalene, which vaporizes at room temperature, into artworks expressing a world that ever shifts, yet endures. The title of this latest collection evokes images of seas and islands oating, and of timeowing, across endless days—an allusion to Miyanaga’ s vision of each and every one of us as being lik


Like a Rolling Snowball

  Izumi Kato In Japanese, English, and Chinese     Rolling right along: a look back at a quarter century of artistic activity.   Primal, powerful, and puzzling, the art of Izumi Kato began with paintings in the 1990s before expanding into wood sculpture and other media in the new century. In 2007 he participated in the Venice Biennale to wide acclaim , the Venice Biennale to wide acclaim, launching himself on an internationally active career throughout Asia


Shinran: The Complete Illustrations

  Akira Yamaguchi In Japanese       The life of a religious giant depicted with power and wit: a project seven years in the making.   Artist Akira Yamaguchi is known for his virtuoso combination of traditional Japanese styles with contemporary motifs. This newest collection brings together his acclaimed illustrations for Shinran, a novel by Hiroyuki Itsuki about the Buddhist monk Shinran (1173–1263) that was serialized in newspapers over seven yea


Encyclopedia of Flowers IV

  Flower compositions by Makoto Azuma Photography by Shunsuke Shiinoki Book design by Kenya Hara In Japanese and English       An homage to the human act of offering flowers, yesteryear, today, and forever: the latest culmination of a series ten years since its inception.   “A florist working beyond the bounds of the Earth”: that’s how some have characterized floral artist Makoto Azuma, who is renowned the world over for his projects with ph


A History of Pictures for Children

  Editorial supervision by David Hockney, Martin Gayford illustration by Rose Blake In Japanese     A History of Pictures for Children takes readers on a journey through art history, from early art drawn on cave walls to the images we make today on our computers and phone cameras.   Based on the bestselling book for adults, this children’s edition of A History of Pictures is told through conversations between the artist David Hockney and the author Martin


Something Strange This Way

  Janet Cardiff and James George Bures Miller In Japanese   Sound sculpture and a colorful funfair of art.   Now for the first time in Japanese, a compendium presents the multimedia works of two artists driving the contemporary art scene. Based on the catalog of their exhibition at Denmark’s ARoS Aarhus Art Museum in 2014, and also covering newer works shown at the 21st Century Museum of Art, Kanazawa, in 2017, Something Strange This Way includes commentary by the


In the Wake: Japanese Photographers Respon

  Anne Nishimura Morse and Anne E. Havinga With contributions by Michio Hayashi, Marilyn Ivy, and Tomoko Nagakura In Japanese   A photographic record of the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster of March 2011.   The unprecedented disaster that befell the Tohoku region of Japan in March 2011 left deep physical and psychic scars and lingering anxiety about the consequences of natural and manmade cataclysms. This volume presents the takes of fifteen photographer


Kamaitachi: New Trade Edition

  Eikoh Hosoe Performance by Tatsumi Hijikata With essays and poetry by Shuzo Takiguchi, Donald Keene, and Toyoichiro Miyoshi Title lettering by Mutsuo Takahashi Book design by Ikko Tanaka In Japanese   A new and expanded edition of a towering 1969 classic.   Kamaitachi was born in 1969 out of a powerful collaboration between photographer Eikoh Hosoe and Tatsumi Hijikata, the originator of Butoh dance. The work follows Hijikata as he carries out dynamic improm


Jun Nishida Art Works: Zetsu (Second a

  Jun Nishida In Japanese and English   Rediscover the legacy of an artist whose works remain as searing as ever, a dozen years after his passing.   Jun Nishida’s untimely death in 2005 at age twenty-seven cut short a promising career that had already been distinguished by numerous honors in both Japan and abroad. The Zetsu series, his last great masterwork, left an indelible mark on the art world with its wrenchingly powerful forms, wrought by packing powdered gla