Para-Para Flipbooks: Three Doctors


Mohiken (Mou Hitotsu no Kenkyujo)



Para-Para Flipbooks are like small movie theaters right in the palm of your hand.
Para-Para Flipbooks are magical and heartwarming with unforgettable characters.
Para-Para Flipbooks make great little presents for everyone!

Volume 12 in Mohiken’s Para-Para Flipbooks series introduces an all-new feature: three tabs that can be flipped separately to make for three stories in one.
Each of the three doctors has his own secret. One studies what’s in the eyes, the second keeps a mystery creature in his ears, and the third lurks inside the mouth. Their work zooms along at a roller-coaster pace—flip as quickly as you can to keep up! Here’s what the doctors have to say about their interests:
Dr. Eye
To each and every person the world looks different; it’s impossible to share the world you see with anyone else, and that’s all there is to it. The important thing, though, is not to push your world on others. What you see applies to you and you alone. Everyone is different, and even if we can’t see eye to eye we still need to accept one another. If we can all do that, then there will be no such thing as conflict.
Dr. Ear
The ear bug is an exceptionally useful little insect that helps clean the inside of your ears. My aspiration is to spread it to ears everywhere—the only problem being that they’re very picky about the kinds of ears they like to breed in. My research has hit a wall, and I’m absolutely stumped!
Dr. Mouth
You can see an awful lot about the way someone lives just from his teeth. So here’s my question to you—what can you tell about me?
Mohiken, short for “Mou Hitotsu no Kenkyujo” or “The Other Workshop,” is the originator of Seigensha’s best-selling Para-Para Flipbooks series. The name of the group comes from the premise that the members belong to one of Santa’s workshops that keeps on making gifts too offbeat to get his stamp of approval.

□ size: 96 × 96 × 12 mm, 90 g
□ binding: softcover with slipcase
□ pages: 112
□ release date: July 2, 2018
□ price: 1,200 yen (JPY)


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