Sex and Laughter with Kyōsai: Shunga from the Israel Goldman Collection

This book introduces the complete holdings of shunga by Kyōsai in the Israel Goldman collection, the largest private collection of the artist’s work in the world. The twenty-nine works presented here offer a way to approach the circumstances in which the pictures were made and enjoyed, and also allow one to imagine being a part of the boisterous crowds gathered around the pictures.


Ishigami Aki

Born in1979. Ritsumeikan University, B.A (.2002),  Ph.D (.2008). Specially Appointed Assistant Professor at the International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kyoto (2015‒present).  Major publications include Henteko na Shunga (Curious Shunga)(Kyoto: Seigensha, 2016) and Nihon no Shunga Ehon Kenkyū(A Study of Shunga and Shunpon) (Tokyo: Heibonsha, 2015). In 2011‒12, while working at the British Museum as a project curator, she photographed the Goldman Collection with Sadamura Koto.


Sadamura Koto
Born in 1982. International Christian University, B.A. (2005). The University of Tokyo, M.A (. 2009), PhD Candidate(2009‒present). Freer Research Fellow, the Freer Gallery of Art and the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery,the Smithsonian Institution (2016‒present); Visiting Researcher in the Department of Asia, the British Museum(2016‒present). She has published extensively on Kawanabe Kyōsai and since 2011 has been cataloguing the Israel Goldman Collection.


Alfred Haft
PhD, SOAS, University of London. Curator in the Japanese section of the British Museum. His publications include Aesthetic Strategies of the Floating World: Mitate, Yatsushi. And Fūryū in Early Modern Japanese Popular Culture (Brill, 2013) and “Hokusai and Tokugawa Society,” in Hokusai: Beyond the Great Wave, ed. Timothy Clark  (London: Thames and Hudson, 2017).


Israel Goldman
Israel Goldman is a leading dealer in the field of Japanese prints, paintings and illustrated books. He has lived in London since receiving his undergraduate degree from Harvard College in 1981. The Goldman Collection of the works of Kawanabe Kyōsai is one of the finest and most comprehensive in the world. Exhibitions of the collection have taken place in Japan in 2002 (Ōta Memorial Museum of Art, Tokyo) and 2017(Bunkamura Museum of Art, Tokyo; Museum of Art, Kōchi; Museum ‘Eki’, Kyoto; and Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art, Kanazawa). Significant loans were made to the major Kyōsai exhibitions at the British Museum in 1993 and the Kyoto National Museum in 2008. A selection of the finest animal paintings from the collection was published in A Japanese Menagerie: Animal Pictures by Kawanabe Kyōsai (London: British Museum Press, 2006). In addition to Japanese art, Goldman’s passions include classical music, fine wines and Welsh terriers.

Sex and Laughter with Kyōsai: Shunga from the Israel Goldman Collection
Written by Ishigami Aki and Sadamura Koto
Translated by Alfred Haft


□ sheet size :200×200×20mm
□ binding : softcover
□ page : 225 pages
□ Japanese / English

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