Big Book 01 Urashima Taro


What is the Big Book?
All sorts of characters appear in a storybook. Now what if you could actually experience how huge or strange or jolly or even scary each is, just as if you were there? Wouldn’t that make the tale even more exciting? When you open the Big Book, the story literally unfolds at your feet. Gently step inside as if you were the hero. Stand up on the book. Sit in it. Sprawl over it. Immerse your whole self in the story’s fantasy world. Maybe you’ll discover a special treasure all your own. The Big Book is designed so that anyone, child or adult, can become the hero of the tale just by opening it up.

Big Book 01 Urashima Taro
Mao Fujimoto

□ sheet size : 1188×1025mm
□ box size : 220×315mm
□ Japanese / English

Special online price:
1,800 yen (JPY)

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