Fruity Samurai “Duel of Samurai Apples”


Flipping through the pages of these small books produces spontaneous smiles.
Small theaters the size of your palm.
Subtle movement and surprise twists create truly artful animation.
No.1 at Amazon Japan, these highly creative flip books by spirited Japanese artists have sold over 800,000 and are attracting much attention throughout the world!

New publications in the Flip Book series
A fresh and fun new approach to samurai period dramas!

Vol.1 The Land of Fruity Samurai
Vol.2 Duel of Samurai Apples

Fruity Samurai is the ultimate title bestowed on those who have trained to the limit to perfect the techniques of swordsmanship and who posses the noble spirit of the samurai.
Tomato, Apple, Pineapple, Durian…a lineup of comically individualistic characters.
Again tonight, duels are played out as these fruit head samurai match swords against each other.
Here are novel and surreal samurai period sword-fight comedies that are great fun. Don’t miss this unique samurai world!

The popularity these animations enjoy on YouTube sparked widespread interest that has led to many awards received at movie festivals in Japan and other countries.
The animations also were awarded first prize in the Animation Program Section of the Japan Satellite Broadcasting Association Original Programming Award.

Fruity Samurai
“Duel of Samurai Apples”

□ format : 50×120mm
□ binding : paperback with slipcase
□ page : 168 pages

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