Para-Para Flipbooks: Curly Girly Dancer


Harumin Asao



Para-Para Flipbooks are like small movie theaters right in the palm of your hand.
Para-Para Flipbooks are magical and heartwarming with unforgettable characters.
Para-Para Flipbooks make great little presents for everyone!

A curious-looking sheep and a girl twirl round and round, until the girl winds up with a fluffy wool afro and the
sheep . . . hey wait, it isn’t even a sheep at all! Turn back to the beginning and flip to get the fabulous dance going all over again.

□ size: 40 × 100 × 20 mm, 70 g
□ binding: softcover with slipcase
□ release date: June 1, 2016
□ price: 1,000 yen (JPY)


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