Flip book series “In a Kitten’ s Way of Greeting”



Flipping through the pages of these small books produces spontaneous smiles.
Small theaters the size of your palm.
Subtle movement and surprise twists create truly artful animation.
No.1 at Amazon Japan, these highly creative flip books by spirited Japanese artists have sold over 800,000 and are attracting much attention throughout the world!

Instead of saying “Good morning,” “You’re home,” “I’m home,” or “Good night,” a kitten greets you with a touch of the tip of its nose.
A gesture that makes you so happy it’s likely to produce a spontaneous purr and “meow” from you.
And sometimes a kitten will lick you.

Flip book series
” In a Kitten’ s Way of Greeting “

□ format : 40×100×20mm
□ binding : paperback with slipcase

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